Raoul Raoul Le Chenadec, Counter Tenor
Discover polyphonic singing in 12 years-old in the parish chorus of Languidic (Morbihan, Brittany) and the practice of the chorus in voice of men conducted by the father André Guillevic. While going on studies in cabinetmaking, sculpture and ironwork, he works trumpet in academy of Lorient. He learns singing with Agnès Brosset in Pontivy and Alain Buet in Lorient. For more than 2 years, he appears in France and abroad in numerous ensembles (A Sei Voci, Sagittarius, Les Jeunes Solistes, Alla Francesca, Clément Janequin,...) with which he participate in numerous recordings (Palestrina, Josquin Desprez, Allegri,etc). He built stands and lutrins of the "Ensemble Jachet de Mantoue".

Thierry Thierry Bréhu, Tenor
Professor of oboe in the music school of Saint-Nazaire since 1985 and musical director of the symphonic orchestra of Saint-Nazaire. He started his training of singer in the vocal ensemble of Nantes conducted by Paul Colléaux. He sang regularly with the choir of the Chapel Royal conducted by Philippe Herwegge in 1989 and participates in numerous concerts and recordings with international famous ensembles like A Sei Voci, Les jeune Solistes, Akademia, etc.

Eric Eric Raffard, Tenor
He begins his musical studies in Orléans, his native city. He dedicates himself to singing since 1990, after a gold medal of Clarinet in the CNR of Rueil_Malmaison and a first price of fugue in the CNSM of Paris. He products himself regularly in different ensembles and like soloist of Oratorio. In lyric repertoire, he interpreted roles of Titus and Bastien, and in july, 2000, he was Jupiter in "Le retour d'Ulysse" in his country of Monteverdi presented in the festival of Aix-en-provence conducted by William Christie and staged by Adrian Noble.

James James Gowings, Baritone
Been born in London, he was raised in the big English musical tradition singing in the choruses of cathedral and the church. Right graduate in Oxford University (where he is choral scholar in Magoalen College), he becomes lawyer of the Bar in london. Frequently solicited to participate in concerts or in recordings, he leaves the Bar to dedicate himself to singing. He comes in France in 1983 after the invitation of John Alldis, director of the vocal group of France, specialized in contemporary repertoire. He sings as soloist of Oratorio in all France and goes through the world with several vocal groups: the ensemble William Byrd, A Sei Voci, Clément Janequin, Miusicatreize,etc.

Philippe Philippe Roche, Bass
After a certificate at the central school in Paris, he learns singing in CNR of Paris and continues his training between 1995 and 1997 in the baroque studio of Versailles with Rachel Yakar, Yvon Repérant, Jean-Claude Malgoire, Christophe Rousset, Montserrat Figueras, Howard Crook and Sigswald Kuijken. Since 1995, he contributes regularly like a soloist in diferents ensembles like Le parlement de musique, La Grande Ecurie et La Chambre du Roy, Doulce mémoire, A Sei Voci, Diabolus in Musica, Cappricio Stravagante... He participated to numerous discographics and radiophonics recordings.

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