Of the steeple in "the shade of a biossonnet"

In the first part of this programme, we are in the atmosphere of a cathedral or a abbey, transported by the music of a mass and motets composed by big compositors of the Renaissance : Jachet de Mantoue, Roland de Lassus, Palestrina, and others... In the second part, we are leaving the church and sacred music to distract us with rural songs (and sometimes a little bit saucy !) extracted of the vast repertory of the songs said "Parisiennes", of compositors like Clément Janequin or Claudin de Sermisy. What a joy to hear the famous "Chant des Oiseaux" of Janequin with his abundance of chirping and "coucous", or the virtuoso "Bataille de Marignan" where the impacts of weapons and warriors cries keep us in breath !
5 singers

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