A Royal Alliance : Mary Tudor and Philippe II

In 1554, Philippe II of Spain goes in England to get married with May Tudor, daughter of Henri VIII and Catherine of Aragon, bringing back briefly England in Catholicism. Mary will die some years later in 1558. During this bloody period of persecution for Protestants, english compositors of the "Chapel Royal" were obliged to compose sacred works in Latin and in accordance with Catholic rite. Magnificient works has been written by compositors of this period, like Thomas Tallis, or more Christopher Tye, Robert Parsons or John Sheppard. But composers of the court of Spain, like Francisco Guerrero, or after Tomas Luis de Victoria, with an unquestionable excellence, could compete without fear with their english colleague. You could confirm this with this programme mixing masterpieces of this english and spanish compositors brought together for Catholic religion.
5 singers.
After this programme, the Ensemble Jachet de Mantoue recorded his fourth CD, Release in November 2004.

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