"Lamentations" with Michael Lonsdale, récitant

Through text of the "Lamentations de Jérémie", we can hear some beautiful pages inspired by moans of the visionary prophet. "Lamentations de Jachet de Mantoue", "Tallis", works of "Byrd", "Ferrabosco", "Morales", enamelled of texts said by Michael Lonsdale, by the light of candles. Possibility of an exposition of works of Michael Lonsdale.
5 singers + reciting.
After this programme, the Ensemble Jachet de Mantoue recorded his second CD, rewarded by a "CHOC DU MONDE DE LA MUSIQUE" and 5 DIAPASONS, 5 stars in the Goldberg, "Orphée d'Or 2004" of the academy of the lyric disc

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